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Can I Lease a Car With Bad Credit?

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Worried about how your credit history will affect your chances of a car lease? Going in circles asking yourself: Can I lease a car with bad credit? Cornerstone Ford is here to assist drivers from Elk River and beyond in getting behind the Ford of your dreams! While it’s commonly assumed that you can only secure a lease with excellent credit, our Finance Department will work their magic to determine a financial plan that works for you. Find out how you can lease with bad credit today!

Is It Easier to Lease a Car with Bad Credit?

Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily easier to lease a car with bad credit. Actually, it’s often considered easier to lease a car with good credit, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it for Anoka drivers who have less-than-stellar credit reports. Applying for a car lease requires a credit check, and higher credit scores typically come with lower monthly payments and a lower security deposit on the lease. On the contrary, leasing with a lower credit score often means you must pay a higher deposit and higher monthly payments. Regardless, you will still pay less on a lease than you will if you take out a loan to buy a car, and that in itself is a win for many drivers. 

Tips to Lease a New Car with Bad Credit

Bad credit shouldn’t deter you from taking out a lease and getting behind the wheel of the Ford Explorer or Ford F-150 you wish to drive around Rogers. Consider our tips to lease a new car with bad credit:

  • Shop for cars within your budget. Don’t overextend yourself. There are many vehicles within the Ford inventory that are quite budget-friendly. Get in touch to learn more!
  • Before applying for a lease, check your credit score on your own. That way, you won’t be surprised at the dealership.
  • Make a larger payment up front if possible. For example, if you pay for the first few months at the beginning, you may encounter better lease terms overall.
  • Take your pay stubs to the dealership as proof of insurance. That way, we know you can afford your lease, regardless of your credit history.

Can You Lease a Car With Bad Credit at Cornerstone Ford?

So, can you lease a car with bad credit? At Cornerstone Ford, the answer is yes! Our financing experts will do whatever they can to help you qualify for a lease that works with your unique financial situation. Alternately, you can browse our used car selection to determine whether purchasing a pre-owned model makes more sense for you. In any case, feel free to visit us at any time in Elk River!

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