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Ford Commercial and Fleet Vehicles

Getting the right mix of vehicles for your fleet is a significant challenge. This is especially true when trying to find fresh vans, trucks, and chassis that won’t break the bank yet will still deliver the utility and capabilities you need. To minimize overhead and downtime, Ford commercial vehicles are the key. From Ford commercial vans to Ford commercial trucks, and even chassis cab and cutaway vehicles, there’s a purposeful and capable low cost Ford option for all your needs. If you’re interested in a Ford commercial van or other vehicle, get in touch with us today!



2022 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Space

Transit Connect

Designed to bring the maximum amount of utility in the minimum amount of space, the Transit Connect isn’t just ideal for any business in the city, but any business looking to minimize cost. If a full size van’s enormous interior space isn’t quite required for your operations around Monticello, then the Transit Connect will be perfect for you.

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2022 Ford E-Transit on the Highway


The E-Transit leverages transformative technology to dramatically reduce both running costs day to day, and maintenance down time. As electricity is far less expensive than gasoline, the E-Transit’s fully electric propulsion promises to multiply cost savings down the road, especially when taking into account the much simpler drivetrain.

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2022 Ford Super Duty Lariat with Available Black Appearance Package

Super Duty Pickup

For serious work, Ford built a serious truck>. Capable of hauling loads that many entry level semi trucks would blush at, the Super Duty series has the dependability and capability to get the job done in Rogers.

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2022 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab at Work Site

Super Duty Chassis Cab

If you prefer upfitting your own work body onto your vehicle, the Chassis Cab offers an infinite number of options when it comes to aftermarket or custom layouts. Add to that the incredible power and efficiency of the Ford powertrain, and you’ve got a winner.

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2022 Ford Stripped Chassis on a Food Truck

Stripped Chassis

For businesses that intend to build their machines from the ground up, Ford offers the stripped chassis. This option allows a business to commission any kind of body to go on top, from super-sized delivery vehicles to parade floats and much much more.

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2022 Ford Transit Van


The Transit van is an iconic vehicle around the world, as a top-tier full size Ford commercial van capable of hauling immense amounts of tools, materials, and products all around Big Lake and far beyond. When you opt for a Ford Transit, you opt for the best in the business.

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2022 Ford Transit Cutaway and Chassis Cab as Custom Plumbing & Heating Truck

Transit Cutaway and Chassis Cab

For the maximum amount of versatility, the Transit van also comes in cutaway and chassis cab variants, so you can upfit them beyond even the large cargo capacity the Transit comes standard with.

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