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2022 Ford F-150 vs. 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning vs. 2021 Ford F-150
2022 Ford F-150 Lightning


2022 Ford F-150


563 Horsepower

Maximum Power

450 Horsepower
775 lb-ft

Maximum Torque

570 lb-ft
10,000 Pounds

Towing Capacity

14,000 Pounds

Passenger Capacity

3 to 6
Co-Pilot360™ Active 2.0

Driving Assists

Co-Pilot360™ 2.0

Ford trucks have been at the top of the full-size truck food chain for decades now, largely by their continual improvement and adoption of new technologies. F-150s have always been ahead of the curve compared to the other full-sized trucks, and the latest new option to come from Ford is certainly causing quite the splash. The fastest F-150 to ever come from the factory shares the same name as all the other previous fastest F-series trucks, but it now has a double meaning. The F-150 Lightning is the first electric F-150, and it promises to take a proven formula and improve it for many Monticello drivers. The benefits of being able to wake up to a fully charged truck, charged during off-peak hours overnight for way less cost than gasoline, are obvious. However, as the first electric F-150 there are some trade-offs, so each Rogers driver should see which F-150 model suits their needs best. If you have any questions about this F-150 Lightning vs. F-150 comparison, get in touch with us!



F-150 Lightning vs. F-150: Configurations and Cost

The main trade-off between the Lightning and the standard F-150 is purchase cost. The Lightning starts more expensive, and while the XLT and higher trim levels offer similar amenities to their conventional counterparts, the Lightning does tend to carry a premium to the wider range of the gas F-150’s pricing. That said, electric vehicles have proven to be much less expensive than gasoline vehicles to own, maintain, and run over time.

F-150 Lightning vs. F-150: Performance

The F-150 Lightning is the quickest production F-150 ever built, and not by a little bit. That said, if going thousands of miles cross country is a common thing for your driving, the standard F-150 will be easier to handle, as charging the Lightning at a fast charger generally takes as long as a meal does. Roadtripping is still possible in the Lightning, to be sure.

In terms of towing and payload, the Lightning sits roughly in the middle of the F-150 lineup. It’s far more practical and capable than every previous Lightning performance pickup, not even counting new features like the Mega Power frunk. That said, the upper end of the more serious gasoline F-150s still offer better solutions for towing, especially over long distances. Overall, if most of your truck’s life will be spent in and around a metro area, the F-150 Lightning is undoubtedly the better choice, assuming it’s in your budget. That said, for those with less of a budget or who drive more than 200 miles per day, the standard F-150 remains the way to go.

Compare F-150 Electric vs. F-150 Gas at Cornerstone Ford

You can use our payment calculator to see how an F-150 of any description will fit into your Big Lake drives, whether you custom order or buy from our inventory.


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