New Ford E-Transit Range

May 9th, 2022 by

Ford e-Transit Driving

The electric revolution in vehicles started in luxury cars and moved into mass-market crossovers, but the realm electric vehicles make the most sense hasn’t been capitalized on yet. Electric vehicles are extremely cheap to run and inexpensive to maintain, but at least so far don’t tend to have long ranges. The average delivery van drives far less than 100 per day and then spends downtime in a single location. Ford E-Transit range is 126 miles, and the vehicle charges once the day is done, at far less cost than filling up with fuel. This precise E-Transit range isn’t a coincidence, as Ford worked with commercial van operators across the country to have the right amount of range for the lowest purchase cost. To learn more about E-Transit range,get in touch with us, or read on. 

E-Transit: Range and Features

The main reasons why your operations would benefit from an E-Transit are pretty straightforward. Extremely low running costs and a simple operating loop, with no need to ever need to visit a fuel station. Other features that would be useful for your Rogers and Monticello routes are the same as the standard Transit, including the ability to upfit your van precisely to your specifications through the Cutaway or Chassis cab E-Transit configurations. Whether you custom order, or buy from our inventory, the E-Transit is just as customizable in terms of its interior space. Here are a few more important features:

  • Pro Power Onboard: The E-Transit has 2.4kw of power that can be drawn to power your worksite, your display stand, or anything else that needs an outlet. 
  • Same Cargo Space: The E-Transit operates just like the standard van, thanks to under-floor batteries. Even though operating cost is slashed, operating capability stays the same.
  • Tailored Range: The E-Transit was built with the needs of businesses in mind. The range was tailored to the needs of Ford Transit owners through the enormous data cash gathered by Ford Pro Telematics, ensuring you’ll have the right amount of battery to both get the job done and get back with charge to spare.

Discover the Ford E-Transit at Cornerstone Ford

To see just how useful an E-Transit can be for you, visit our dealership near Big Lake! Take advantage of our car buying tips and payment calculator as well!


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